Project Volley

Innovate on how people create and share creative content on the web. Volley is a concept design for app that aimes to make making and sharing animations with pictures, easy and social. 


Microsoft Research invited me to work with them over at FUSE Labs the summer of 2011 to imagine, conceptualize, and design how people may collaborate to create imaginative works. 


Users are increasingly empowered to produce visual content by a proliferation of online tools to create, publish and share within online communities and social networks. Despite advancements in web browser and image processing, the act of animation building is still considered a solitary activity. 

Design Challenge

Can animation building become accessible to a general audience if it becomes a social activity? How it would it look as an online activity? As an activity that friends can riff in real-time, in shared spaces? 


User research, storyboarding, developing user personas, wire framing, high-fidelity mockups, and interactive prototype. 


Microsoft Research, Summer 2011
CHI Conference, 2012
VOLLEY: Design Framework for Collaborative Animation - Short Case Study [PDF]

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