Bing 2017 Future Vignettes

In 2015, my team and I were tasked to create stories and concepts that demonstrated how "Bing connects you to the world, shows you what's possible, and expands your horizons." Within these vignettes, we aimed for a user-centered perspective for how Bing served people best with value-driven statements like: Bing makes me feel smarter, be better at my job, connects me to the world, and be a hero. From a business strategy standpoint, we featured each storyline with emerging technologies and experiences so executives and partners could think big on their R&D investments. The idea was to showcase North Star scenarios that could be realized by 2017.  


Created story scripts, visual storyboards, UX flows, high fidelity comps, motion prototypes, pitched concepts to management, art-directed production shoot as needed with external agency. I worked in a small, agile team of three: two designers, one producer to create 5 videos in a 2-month period.  


Showcase Bing's brand and its emerging technologies around conversational agents and apps. Inspire and influence executives and engineers to invest in these initiatives. 

Creative Process

We set out brainstorming stories that were driven by how Bing helps users with tasks to help them navigate their personal or work life. In each story, we checked off whether our initial value statements rang true, did it make users feel one of these statements: Bing makes me feel smarter, be better at my job, connects me to the world, be a hero.

My team's creative process was similar to working in an agency. We solicited other designers to join our pitch teams. As individuals, we each came up with our individual vignette pitches and worked with others to ensure our storylines had emotional resonance along with being aligned with business objectives. Each pitch was voted. Only five would make it to full production. For my contributions, I pitched five vignettes. Two of my stories made it to final production. 

For stories that required UI walk-throughs or , I created screen flows that I then made motion prototypes to share with the agency to riff off. Most of what I created went into the full video vignettes. 


The videos were influential in continuing Bing's investments into conversational agents and apps. In two years, I saw these early  concepts influenced in what Microsoft built and launched. See how the Cortana envisioning video became reality at Microsoft's Build Conference under  "Conversation as Platform.". See how the Enterprise Work Search experience came to life at Microsoft's Ignite Conference under "Bing for business".