I’m a designer, technologist, and storyteller. I work at Microsoft, where I help envision the future of search over at Bing.  Before that, at Microsoft Research, I was at FUSE Labs (Future of Social Experiences).

I hold a Master's Degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where I created a voice-powered zombie game, a Twitter-powered music chime, and my thesis was conceptualizing a crime-solving fitness game.  Before pursuing tech, I was a journalist, a print designer, and social media consultant.

Now, I'm helping to connect users to the the world's knowledge of people, places, and things to inspire delight, curiosity and purpose. My career has been about where storytelling and technology intersect.  I like big picture thinking and design likewise when it comes to integrating user needs, business goals, and market insights. Even better, I like to have fun where delight, utility, and beauty meet for users.